Classroom makeover #projectclassroom2016

Happy summer!!

So… school has been out for a few weeks and I’ve already had the best vacation of my life! My two weeks in Italy. I just have to say, LOVE!!! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you were able to see a few pictures of my wonderful journey.

Now, back to school stuff. Yes, school. Here’s the thing, I am kind of obsessed with my classroom and have been from year one. I can partially blame the girls I started working with for this. Oh, and my sister. But, I’ve learned to deal with it.

My first year classroom was cute and ok. By year number two is was A-dorable. I taught first grade for the first 3 years and decorating was easy. Then, I moved and was hired to teach third grade two years ago and decorating my room has been a challenge for me. I love cutesy but knew I had to change things up a bit for third graders.

The first year, my third grade classroom was toned down, a lot (insert sad face here).  My room was hard to work with and had minimal wall space. I dealt with it and it was fine (I’m sure I complained to myself every day). So last summer I decided I wanted my colors back and I gathered as many old and new items as I could, changed out desks for tables (YES!!), and brought in more carpets of my own. When my previous years kids came in they were a bit upset that the class didn't look this cute for them. So, I knew I made the right choice. I was happier but not ecstatic.

What I’m getting at ~ is year three and a whole new transformation is underway. Yes, again. You see, in first grade flexible seating was easy even though I had small tables for the kiddos. But I’ve struggles so much with this in third grade. My intentions every year are to keep those kids out of their seats. Does it happen? No!! I am to blame. So this year……. I’m starting off with no desks or chairs from the get go. Yes, I said it and my wonderful principal approved.

So, over the summer I will update and post as often as I can about my #projectclassroom2016

I’ll make sure I provide stores and tips on what I post. I’ve already started making purchases and finding treasures that others don’t want anymore. A little paint and some fabric can go a long way. Oh, and trust me, I am not a DIY kind of girl. I like to refer to myself as – all I can do is try kind of girl.  I’m also a BIG bargain shopper (thanks mom).

Happy Summer all and thanks for following my summer #projectclassroom2016

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