Field Day 2014

It was such an exciting day! The munchkins had so much fun with our Fiesta Field Day. We still have 8 school days to go and after today, it's going to be nearly impossible to get through them. We can do it though...I think! 
I made my class tie-dye shirts last year and thought my kiddos should have them every year!! So, here we go again. Thanks to Michael's and their wonderful discounts it doesn't cost me too much!! 
Oh, most importantly, thanks to Mama Marie, or I may not have finished them on time.
Needless to say.. The kids loved them! 
I allowed them to be silly before we went outside! Too cute! 

Habitats are too much fun!

Science has been a blast this week. Each person of our team chose to make a mural of one of the Habitats. Our class bribed another teacher for  got the rain forest. I started the week reading a favorite story, The Great Kapok Tree, to my kiddos. Then we discussed interdependence among organisms and the environment. I think they understood what they needed too. We spent two days creating, cutting, hanging and rearranging our Rain Forest.
I am one proud teacher. I only helped with the two big trees, my babies did the rest on their own. Talent?? I think so.
Happy Weekend!

My Fabulous new Blog!

Lately I'm feeling like the universe is loving me. Well, sort of. I've had some amazing people come into my life with random acts of kindness. (You know who you are) So, I thank you all for reminding me that this world is a beautiful place.
I want to give a big shout out to - Design by Christi Blogs, for making my Blog all me. Without knowing me she was able to create a Blog design that is - all me. Thank you for such an awesome job!! Don't cha love it??
Another shout out. As you can tell on my sidebar, clip art is my latest addiction. I buy it, a lot of it.. But have created only a small amount of things. I need to get busy. Click on Graphics from the Pond to check out an amazing artist!! She's fabulous and has the best work ever!! You might become addicted so be careful.