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Classroom makeover week 2 - The finds

This has been a tough week. I had great plans every day but with a little find here, a little find there and six fur kids (half mine, half sisters) running around, my daily goals were squashed. But, I was able to find more goodies for my flexible seating classroom makeover. I’ll share that with you in a bit.

 I still have this glorious picture in my head of what it’s going to look like once its all put together, but I have to take into consideration that my room itself will play a big role in this. Thank goodness I have my fabulous mom on sew patrol in the lovely state of Washington. I sent her a gift card for some canvas and the size of panels I need to cover some built in bookshelves. When I visit in 2 weeks I get to bring those babies home. That will definitely help soften half of my room. Thanks mom (love her)!!

I’m hoping I can get into my room this week to do a play set up. We need those, right? I found a new carpet that should hold 22-ish little bodies for whole group lessons at Ross on Monday. If you ever need rugs in fun, simple, vibrant, or any style, Ross is the place.  So many choices and the prices are the best!! I went ahead and bought a darker rug hoping this will tie into the d├ęcor. I know I’m taking a big chance with so many lighter furnishings but I want a softer, homey-style to make my class more comfortable for the little ones.  

Places to shop for a bargain:

I am a bargain girl like I stated. I’m a little crafty, but a horrible-beginner sewer. So with that said I have a certain look in mind when I search for room pieces (treasures). I LOVE online garage sale sites! Look for these through your Facebook page. Items can go fast so you have to constantly be checking. Or get lucky and check from time to time. I’ve been lucky both ways. Garage sales and friends and family are a great source as well. Just put the word out and things will start showing up or being offered. I will check Craigslist too while I’m antiquing.

Great stores:

If you are close enough to an IKEA you have to plan a trip. Even if you have to drive a couple of hours. Get a teacher friend and a truck or empty car and make it a day! There is so much there and the prices are A-mazing!! I always check Target, Ross, Hobby Lobby and Michaels for items. Don’t forget to check for clearance items and things on sale. You can get some good deals in all of these stores. I did and do!!
Oh, I am not affiliated with these stores in any way. I’m just a bit of a shopaholic.

Next week I’ll discuss my crafty side and post pictures of what I was able to tackle! So, now I must leave you to go and paint, wax and possibly sew (at least I’ll try) my old/new finds.

I’d love to hear about your finds, bargains, or even flexible seating classroom so please leave a comment below.

Happy summer all…….