Family Science night .. Thursday!!

I hope each of you will do your best to come to our Family Science Night on Thursday October 25 from 5:30-6:30! We'll have several experiments for you to sample and take away. I can't wait to see you there!!

Parent conference time

It's that time of year families. We're scheduling parent/teacher conferences. I've already met with a few of my kiddos families and I'm so excited just to be able to have a few minutes with you face to face! Our busy lives don't give us much time to communicate as much as we'd all like to. Please be sure to send back the orange conference note I sent home Friday with your date and time preference so we can discuss your child's progress in first grade. I look forward to meeting you all.

Baby Shower for the "Quints"

Hello families, we created a baby shower invitation to update you all on what we're studying this week. The class is learning their "qu" and "wh" sounds. I borrowed this fantastic idea from
Thanks so much for your inspiration SC!!
Anyway, we have a baby shower set for Friday. Parents help your kiddos find something at home that has those sounds in it. 1 item is all they need, yes you can get creative too. Lets have some fun with this!!