Bring your dad to school..

So Friday was Dads day at school. I thank those of you who could make it and understand for those of you who were not able to. The kids understand how hard you all work and we all know time off is not easy.
For the dads who did come... The shirt graph was a lot of fun in math. My only regret is not taking pictures. Sorry!! After you left the kids completed their group graphs and we posted them in our room. I'm so proud of them for using what they learned this week to collect data and make a graph. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow, phones not working for me tonight, sorry!

Our new followers!

I'm so excited to have my students and parents following our class blog! I will start doing more in the next few weeks families. As for this week, keep following and commenting. Thanks wonderful families!!

Note** Scholastic Book orders are due tomorrow please log in from here to order or send order form in tomorrow. Lets build a library!

Word work time..

So another week has gotten away from me. Sorry for not posting sooner. I check daily just to see if any of my fabulous students have joined me. So far, no one yet. I've decided to make a little bargaining tool just to get my kiddos and their parents to check in from time to time. More on that later.
I've been crazy busy planning and creating fun work for our room so that's my excuse for now. Pinterest and the blogs I stalk have helped me in this creation.
Sight words are a must have and I have several fun word work ideas but this weekend I borrowed the sight words in a bottle from If you haven't stopped by her blog I would highly recommend it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas..
Anyway, I can't wait to introduce this to my firsties tomorrow...

Another week has flown by..

Well, it looks like our short week after Labor Day got away from me. I had so much going on I forgot to give a small update on our blog.

I'm very excited about what we are discussing in Science this week. My kiddos and I decided to make a video on the weather to submit to our school as one of our Tech Fusion requirements. Basically, I explained to them that they will be meteorologists and several of them will record an upcoming weather forecast. I asked the kiddos to think about the type of weather they would like to create and they all agreed on a bad storm with a tornado. (oh boy)

I couldn't believe the ideas they came up with to use as prompts and how they planned to create them!! I am amazed by their creativity and knowledge this far. So happy to be their teacher!

We plan to create tomorrow and video on Friday. Wish us luck and hopefully we can post our video here!