Personal Financial Literacy

Well, it's that time of the year and let's just say I had to come up with another way to help my kiddos through this unit. I mean really, how do you explain credit and interest to 8-10 year old kiddos? They think these fun, plastic credit cards never run out of money. That really scares me. This is also a very busy time of year and to learn all of these new vocabulary words and set up for our Market is just too much. Oh, and did I forget to mention testing....
So this year I thought I'd help my students start off on the right foot. A new lap book that covers all of the standards they need to know. This will help with so much and they we love lap books. With a hard working class and a couple of fabulous parent volunteers~ 45 lap books are ready for Monday. Woohoo!!
I'm hoping to follow up with some fabulous pictures of our work in a week or two so check back soon for the update. Click here to view or purchase lap book

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