Dare to Dream ~ #TPTSellerChallenge ~ week 2


Although I have many, I focused on a few that I hope to gain with my hard work as a TPT designer. My Journey started a couple of months ago and I know it can only get better from here.

Grow my TPT store ~ This is a huge challenge. One that I have come to know all to well. I know what I need to teach, but what about all of you and your needs. What's going to make my product stand out? What's going to catch your attention? What can I do to keep you coming back for more? As you can see, I think about this and everything else before I even start something new. It does take a lot of time and hard work but I'm up for it! I can't wait to reflect on the post in a year from now and see the growth. Hang in there with me followers, it only gets better!

Travel ~ Oh, such sweet words! I feel fortunate enough to have traveled to the places I've been. However, I want more!! I will travel, not just dream of it but actually do it! I want to see the world. Until now I've only wanted fun in the sun. Now, I want to see more of what's out there. Europe is on next year's list! Not sure where but hoping coastal. Yes, I'm still a beach girl at heart!
Secondly, I hope to have enough money to have a small place near the beach that's only a couple of hours from my home. That's a dream I hope comes true.

Student Loans ~ Yes, my dream, as many others, is to get those darn things paid off! Nuff~ said!!

Have a happy Sunday all!

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