Baby Shower for the "Quints"

Hello families, we created a baby shower invitation to update you all on what we're studying this week. The class is learning their "qu" and "wh" sounds. I borrowed this fantastic idea from
Thanks so much for your inspiration SC!!
Anyway, we have a baby shower set for Friday. Parents help your kiddos find something at home that has those sounds in it. 1 item is all they need, yes you can get creative too. Lets have some fun with this!!


  1. Hi Mrs.Humphries this is Hailey J. from your
    class. I can't wait for the baby shower tomorrow. Also my sister Brooklyn says hi.

    Hailey J.

  2. Great post! This is such a cute idea. I wish my teacher was this creative when I was in school. I came across your post while looking up ideas for baby shower invitations. I hope everyone had a good time, thanks for sharing Mrs.Humphries.