Word work time..

So another week has gotten away from me. Sorry for not posting sooner. I check daily just to see if any of my fabulous students have joined me. So far, no one yet. I've decided to make a little bargaining tool just to get my kiddos and their parents to check in from time to time. More on that later.
I've been crazy busy planning and creating fun work for our room so that's my excuse for now. Pinterest and the blogs I stalk have helped me in this creation.
Sight words are a must have and I have several fun word work ideas but this weekend I borrowed the sight words in a bottle from www.tunstalltimes.blogspot.com. If you haven't stopped by her blog I would highly recommend it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas..
Anyway, I can't wait to introduce this to my firsties tomorrow...


  1. We are so excited to start following ideas that you have! Jaydon is really learning so much from you and I know becuase he tells me all the time about the new "stuff" that you teach him and say:)

  2. Good morning Mrs.Humphries!
    My son Damian gave me the blog paper, and he's excited to join it! HAVE A GREAT DAY! And keep the blogs coming! ��

  3. Thank you all for checking in. I'm so excited to get more involved with the blog. The kids are going to enjoy this!

  4. Hi Mrs. Humphries! This is Damian. I like the bottle with the words.

  5. Hi Mrs. Humphries this is Hailey J. I love learning the sight words. I also love you as my Teacher.
    Hailey J.