Who am I?

Hello all! My name is Jeanie, thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know me! I'm a third grade teacher in the state of Texas. I'm going into my third year of teaching third grade and I am loving every minute of it. I previously taught first grade for 4 years before moving to another city. I feel lucky to be part of our future and can only hope to make an impact on each life I cross!

I love creating resources for the classroom and sharing useful tips I discover. I'm a little crafty, I LOVE to travel, love my fur and feather babies, and my favorite thing to do is treasure hunt (my kids learn what this means in my world every year).

My TPT adventure started when I felt the need to match everything with bright colors in my classroom. I had already been a buyer on TPT for classroom resources before I starting creating. My first product made was a Daily Five Clip Chart. Of course I updated it after learning some new tricks and now offer it for free along with this Burlap themed Daily Five Clip Chart.

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